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Committee Initiatives

Team Green - Think, Act, Educate.


BC Sustainability Committee | Initiatives

Every day the Broward College Sustainability Committee works behind the scenes to eliminate outdated policies, technologies and ways of thinking in order to usher in exciting initiatives that will make our college more sustainable.

Here you'll find an updated explanation of the initiatives that are currently in the works on our all of our campuses: South Campus, North Campus, Central Campus, Willis Holcombe Center (Downtown) & College Wide.

Willis Holcombe Center | September 29, Meeting Summary

Angel Rodriguez volunteered to be Chair of the committee; Sue Cramer and Danielle Flowers, Co-Chairs; and Susyn Stecchi, Scribe. It was decided that future meetings would be held monthly on Thursdays at 1:30 p.m.

The committee decided to promote and conduct a recycling event on November 18 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Items to be collected would include: clothes, shoes, glasses, books, CD's, DVD's, printer cartridges, cell phones, personal office supplies and Terracycle items. Broward College office supplies that staff clean out as they prepare to move to the new building can be housed in a central location for an "exchange" from one staff member or department to another.

South Campus | September 22, Meeting Summary
Each individual campus is raising awareness for recycling in unique ways. About 75% of the waste in our trash bins consists of recyclable material. Greg Mason proposed an audit of all of the waste that we throw away; we can host a 24 hour trash pickup event where the custodial crew, clubs/organizations, faculty and staff, and students that are interested can come together to recycle trash that has already been thrown away on November 15; National Recycling Day.

Sustainability in classrooms; we may be able to provide resources and tools for the teachers so that they incorporate sustainability into their classrooms. For example; a paperless classroom or turning all equipment’s off when not in use.

Broward College has collected over 168,000 Terracycle items so far. The college has currently entered a competition that requires the use of up cycled waste materials to create a collection station.

College Wide | Team Green | BC's New Sustainability Web Presence
In late 2010, committee member Jarrod Hersh challenged an entire class of students, led by Professor Rick McCawley, to create a redesign of the college's Environmental Sustainability website. Once the College Wide committee got on board with the idea of revamping BC's sustainability web-presence a subcommittee was created to focus on doing just this with the help of the students' fresh perspective. Thus, "Team Green" was born.

The subcommittee, consisting of Sustainability Director Gregory Mason, Karen Peruzzi of Information Technology and Laura Iossi met with Rick and his students in mid October to agree upon a logo and the general layout of the main page of the site. Once decisions were reached, the subcommittee enlisted the help of Ben Morey, studio assistant and graphic/ web designer on North Campus to run with these ideas and create a fleshed-out version to be presented to the College Wide Committee. Shortly after, in early 2011, we broke digital ground and construction of the new site began.

Fast-forward to August 2011 where, after several months of design, information gathering and meetings to determine what worked and what didn't, the website is ready to be tested by students, staff and community members. Previews begin August 1st, and the official site launch will occur in the first weeks of the 2011 Fall Semester!

College Wide | Electric Car Charging Stations
Sustainability Director Gregory Mason has been in contact with Electric Car charging solution representatives to research viable options for the college's parking areas. These stations, which would be located where high volumes of cars are parked would require that consumers pay for their electrical consumption while charging by credit card. One vendor charges $3500 per station and would not offer any payback on electrical usage to the college while another vendor would not charge the college for the station and would offer the college 20% of the income charged to the consumer. The difference between the two companies in terms of pros and cons and specifically what they would charge consumers is still being looked into.

The committee is still weighing BC's options and hopes to move forward with providing students and staff special parking spaces with charging stations in our parking lots to increase the incentive for switching to cleaner automotive alternatives.

College Wide | Shoes For The Cure - In Cooperation with SFTC
The Committee has recently partnered with Adam Levine from Shoes for the Cure to collect footwear to benefit the underprivileged and the environment. His company has offered to provide bins for shoe collection at no charge to collect all types of shoes at the college. Those in "like new condition" are donated to local charities (SOS Village etc.) while those are in poor condition are sent to the Nike reuse-a-shoe center to be recycled. Currently, our Central and WHC campuses are collecting shoes for another program and may consider working with this program as well. North & South campuses will bring the idea to their respective committees to get started. Other BC locations like Tigertail will begin immediately as many visitors leave shoes behind and Pines, Weston, Miramar Auto and MTC will also have the option to participate.

College Wide | STARS - Sustainability Tracking and Rating System
STARS is a self-reporting framework for colleges to gauge relative progress toward sustainability. The system was developed by the AASHE with broad participation from the higher education community. While the committee is already helping the college to achieve success in several areas with existing programs and several aspects are more compatible with research institutions, as a whole they felt ready to move forward towards STARS self assessment.

Visit the STARS portion of the AASHE's website for more information.

College Wide | The Broward Energy Empowerment Project
Tim McWhirter was invited to speak with the committee about the Broward Energy Empowerment Project, Broward County’s official public/private partnership for economic development. Its mission is to build a stronger and more diverse economy by stimulating the creation of new jobs and capital investment while facilitating the growth and retention of businesses in Broward County. Services offered by The Alliance include incentive programs and information; market research; small, minority- and women-owned business assistance; government liaison and serving as a liaison for workforce development between educational institutions and the business community. Mr. McWhirter discussed grants that have been awarded and how they are typically dispersed within the community. The focus is on outreach and on educating the community. They intend to focus on a curriculum for energy efficiency for low/ middle income learners and first time homeowners. The goal of a consumer energy center where information could be provided to consumers to lower energy consumption/ cost was also discussed.

Visit the Broward Energy Empowerment Project's website for more information.

South | The South Campus Sustainability Fair
Committee member Jarrod Hirsh organized plans for the South Campus Sustainability Fair which took place on February 14th through the 18th, 2011. The week will was filled with film screenings in the South Campus theater, panel discussions to raise awareness of sustainability among the students, faculty and staff and kiosks with information about BC's green policies and projects.

College Wide | Professional Development Day - An Assessment
Although the committee praised the improved efforts at sustainability at PDD, they also discussed ideas for future PDD events that would further minimize waste. Recommendations that were discussed included: condiments available separately instead of automatically distributed to everyone and no boxes, cookies, chips, and sandwiches available separately as many attendees did not want all of the items in the box; so, many went to waste. The committee recommended that refreshments be available in various piles so that individuals can select only what they will consume. Refillable bottles or self-serve water dispensers we also discuss.

Other revisions for future events could include avoiding excess paper usage. For instance, lunch tickets need not be so large, several pages in the event booklet were not double sided, and font size could have been smaller. Bags for presenters could also be streamlined and name tags may not be necessary for many employees as they already have metal embossed name tags. In fact, the committee discussed how many employees and faculty do not have the metal name tags. Perhaps, the college could consider offering these tags to all employees and eliminate disposable name tags at all other events.

The committee decided that it would like to become involved in the planning of PDD so that sustainability concerns can be better represented in the distribution of materials. Moreover, the committee supported drafting a series of sustainability related recommendations for all college functions that could become part of the procedure.

College Wide | Rethinking Drinking Water Distribution on BC Campuses
Various types of filtered water machines are currently in use on our campuses. Committee members Laura Iossi, Sean Devaney and Greg Mason initiated a spreadsheet to assist with the comparison of these machines based on capacity, electrical usage, disinfection methods, waste water, water quality, life-long & operating costs, maintenance etc.

A meeting was held on Friday, April 15 from 1:30 - 2:30 on South Campus in Building 71 with four vendors presenting. These vendors were asked to fill out the Water checklist that the committee had designed early in the year and bring that to the meeting for discussion. The committee also discussed these various options afterwards to make a recommendation to the college for drinking water supply equipment purchases in the future.


Meet The Committees


College Wide
Laura Iossi | Chair
Diana Honeyblue-Monroe
Debbie Martin
Gregory Mason
Jacqueline Donovan
Joseph Gormely
Jarrod Hersh
Judy Srygler
Karen Peruzzi
Monica Ramirez
Natalie Justice
Natalie Osterhoudt
Nathan Sade
Rosa Gaskins
Rivka Spiro
Sean Devaney
Tracy Brunner
Yohannes Asgedom

Horacio Loschak | Chair
Alon Parker
Caterina Lynch
David Serrano
Deborah Czubkowski
Diana Honeyblue-Monroe
Elena Cainas
Glenn Patterson
Greg Barnes
Izunwa Moore
Jessica Moore
Juan Raigosa
Maria Caceres


North Campus
Dr. Barbara Bryan
| Chair
Donat Forrest
George Stalliard
Jamonica Rolle
Jeanette Madea
Jeffrey Nasse
Marie Dugan
Monica Ramirez
Rosa Gaskins
Susan Oldfather
Benjamin More


South Campus
Jarrod Hersh | Chair
Elena Rae Schultz
Debbie Martin
Sean Devaney
Tommye Canton
Vanceta Chambers
Tracy Brunner
Christianne Casper
Albert Smith
Isaiah Butler
Stephanie Brossard
Rosario Ortega
Gigliola Velez
Terri Justice
Nathan Sade


Angel Rodriguez | Chair
Susan Cramer | Co-Chair
Danielle Flowers | Co-Chair
Alex Denis
Alex Jean-Jacques
Angel Rodriguez
Connie Nelson
Daphne Delaney
Diana Martin
Frank Kurz
Garnet Magloire
Gwendolyn Williams
James Sawyer
Jennifer Day
Lisbeth Isaacs
Paul Perone
Pejay Ryan
Rick Mccawley
Susan Greive-Brown
Susan Hawk
Susyn Stecchi
Suzanne Whitney
Winston Thompson

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