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IPS Building Earns LEED Gold Certification

In addition to being one of the better-designed and attractive portions of Central Campus, Building 22 at the Institute for Public Safety also has achieved a special designation. The building was constructed to meet the design and construction specifications to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) silver certification by the United States Green Building Council.

But something unforeseen happened along the way. The building achieved higher marks in its construction review than anticipated and earned the coveted gold certification instead, becoming the college’s first gold LEED-certified building.

For Broward College, this most recent achievement continues a short but proud tradition. The South Regional/Broward College Joint Use Library in Pembroke Pines, a joint project of Broward College and the Broward County Libraries Division, was the county’s first LEED-certified building. It opened in February 2007 and earned silver certification. Building 22 is the college’s second LEED building and its first to earn gold certification.

BC's South Campus Wins Landscaping Award



The South Campus facilities team is one of eight programs nationwide to be named recipients of the 2011 Maintenance Solutions Achievement Awards. Two winners were named in four areas. Broward College's award came in the areas of renovations and retrofits.

The awards program, sponsored by Maintenance Solutions magazine, honors accomplishments in maintenance, engineering and grounds management for institutional and commercial facilities management departments.

Broward College's entry reflected the accomplishments of its landscape staff in educating faculty, staff, students and the community of the importance of using native and drought-tolerant, non-invasive plants throughout our campuses. By doing so, the college conserves potable and well-water, provides natural habitats for native wildlife, and incorporates educational components to the campus and outside community.


NatureScape Certification

Broward College South Campus was certified under the Florida Yards and Neighborhood Program in January 2005. Landscapes certified under this program automatically become recognized as a NatureScape Broward certified yard. The campus was a model of good landscape design and maintained with best management practices by a knowledgeable and committed staff.
Standout features included the preservation of native plant species and tree canopy, water conservation through proper irrigation techniques, and littoral plantings around the lake to reduce non-point source pollution.

Sustainable and Native Landscaping

Check out the video below to learn more about the many sustainable and native landscaping projects that have been spearheaded by Dr. Peggy Green and other talented faculty members and students at BC.
The Dr. Peggy Green Sustainability Institute

Woman outdoors

Check out the video below to learn more about the many sustainable and native landscaping projects that have been spearheaded by Dr. Peggy Green and other talented faculty members and students at BC.

Dedicated to one of the most prolific sustainability advocates at Broward College, the Dr. Peggy Green Sustainability Institute, dedicated in early 2011, was created to facilitate positive change at the college.

The institute will provide students, faculty and staff with a college-wide resource for information on sustainability and will promote the conservation of resources, technological advancements in energy production and use, while providing quality education and industry training.

Check back as the institute develops and evolves over the course of this year!

LEED Accredited Construction


LEED building

Our LEED approved buildings like the LEED Silver Building on BC's South Campus are bridging the gap between architecture and the environment.

Building 22 on Central Campus and building 72 on South Campus are currently undergoing major renovations in order to update and make them more sustainable and the all new building 6 on Central Campus is currently under construction. As we build we are devoted the recycling as much discarded material as possible and are keeping detailed information on the exact amounts that are being recycled for students and staff to see. Click here to view how much we've recycled and click below to see our progress:

LEED thumbnailLEED thumbnailLEED thumbnailLEED thumbnail

Projected timelines for completion:

Building 6: Phase II - January 2012
Building 22: Phase I - Winter 2011
Building 72: Phase II- Spring 2012
Parking Garage & Detention Pond: August 2011

The Building Management System Pilot Project

Since their renovation and rededication in early 2011 Buildings 50 & 51 on North Campus have been chosen to be special pilot projects for energy management and reduction.

Currently all classrooms and offices in these buildings have occupancy sensors for lighting control. However, further projects will link the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system (HVAC) to the occupancy sensors allowing room temperatures to rise to 78* versus our current 75* set point. Cost savings will be realized through energy savings of the chiller unit, thermal storage unit, cooling tower, and fan motor operations. Further savings will be achieved through maintenance cost reductions. Hopefully these green alterations to the buildings' integral functions will prove to be a model for further renovations in the surrounding buildings if proven effective.

BC's Property Reuse Program with A1 Assets
Where does BC's excess / outdated property go? Rather than sending it to the landfill Broward College contacts A1 Assets who come to the college and pick-up the material. The material is then put up on auction and sold to the highest bidder. From January 2011 to June 2011 the college has sent off for reuse over 17 tons of material rather than dropping it in a landfill. The college receives a percentage of the sales which goes into a general fund.

So far, just this year the college has raised over $45,528.00 and we expect much more!

The South Campus Well Project
The first well prototype on South Campus is complete. The well provides non-potable water to the Cooling Tower which currently uses 6,500,000 gallons of potable drinking water/year. This will alleviate stress on our drinking water demand. The Cooling Tower process evaporates 99.5% of water through evaporation. Projected savings once they are online is $50,000 per well per year and will free up 30,880,000 gallons of potable drinking for human consumption.

Recycle Bin

Didn't think you could recycle that? Terracycling on our campuses makes it possible. Items like chip bags, candy wrappers, old cell phones and yogurt containers that are not eligible for typical recycling programs are being collected on our campuses to be repurposed and become useful once again. Broward College also receives 2 cents for each item which is then donated to the Michelle Lawless Scholarship Fund. As of 1 October 2013 we are approaching $17,000 raised and we just awarded our 4th student the Michelle Lawless Environmental Scholarship. It's a win win!

For a full list of eligible items visit: Recycling or contact us for more information at:

Solar Carts
Golf Carts

Chances are, most North Campus students and faculty have seen one of these exciting new additions to the college transporting staff and student workers around our grounds. These solar carts, aside from being useful for getting from point A to point B, help to raise awareness of sustainable alternatives to typical motor vehicles.

The cart itself is powered by the sun's rays as synthesized through a photovoltaic panel located on the roof of the vehicle. This panel transfers solar energy into a clean equivalent of gasoline, powering the engine while also preventing the creation of harmful emissions. Keep an eye out as you stroll past the parking lot, you may just see one of these making our campus a little bit greener.

Sustainability Practices on BC's North Campus For a visual impression of sustainability practices at BC North check out the video below.

Narrator: Patricio Gonzalez Camera: Sara Murr Editing: Randy Lisk and Sara Murr.

Dr. Genevieve Chung Receives Emerald Award

The Broward County Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department recognized several local businesses, government agencies and residents for their outstanding environmentally-responsible practices on April 13th, 2010. Each winner received an Emerald Award trophy or a NatureScape Stepping Stone for their exceptional efforts in protecting the environment. One of these recipients was Broward College's own Dr. Genevieve Chung, for coordinating the Central Campus Wildflower Project.

Information about this exciting award and the wildflower project.
Take the first step towards going green:      
Become involved in sustainability initiatives at BC and in your community!

Visit our Get Involved page to learn more about:
Picture of BC recycling trash can.
Have unwanted items or materials? Find out where and how to recycle items like:
  • Paper, Cans & Bottles
  • Terracycle Items
  • Eyeglasses & Sun Wear
  • Shoes, Boots & Sandals
  • Styrofoam Materials
  • Electronics
  • Office Supplies Reuse

Sustainability Scholarships

A comprehensive list of sustainability related scholarships from BC and outside organizations.      


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