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Sustainability Superstars

Team Green - Think, Act, Educate.


Recognizing Success
We are excited to recognize the following members of the Broward College community for their commitment to sustainability. Each has worked behind the scenes, going above and beyond to support environmental stewardship and is leading the way forward towards a more sustainable future. 
The Sustainability Superstars of 2015
  • Sue Berlin, Bruce Berman, Deborah Czubkowski, George Masforroll, Chris Tevares, Lisa Tunks, Material Services Collegewide Couriers, and Mail & Messenger Services
The Sustainability Superstars of 2014
  • Judy Schmelzer
The Sustainability Superstars of 2013
  • Reanna Camp, Kirsty Forgie, Lizbeth Isaacs, Steve Johnson, and Roberto Rodriguez


The Sustainability Superstars of 2012

2012 substainability superstars 

From left to right: President Armstrong, Sean Devaney, Lisbeth Isaacs, Karen Peruzzi, --, Alex Denis, Bill Pennell


The Sustainability Superstars of 2011

From left to right: Marie Dugan, Frank Peronel, Laura Iossi, Angel Rodriguez, Rick McCawley, Paul Rybak, President Armstrong, Yohannes Asgedom, Bruce Berman, Rudy Bailey, -- , Dennis Villatoro, Greg Mason 
* Not pictured above: Sue Cramer, Paul Perone, Lizette Foley, Otis Drummer, Laura Ozment, Max Levine, Sherwyn Graham, Jose Rodriguez and Ingram Roland
The Sustainability Superstars of 2010
  • Bill Pennell, Sean Devaney, and Alex Denis
Dr. Genevieve Chung
Professor of Biological Sciences | Central Campus 
Dr. Genevieve Chung has added a new critical dimension to BC's sustainability efforts with the creation and implementation of the Native Florida Wildflower project. This project has been so successful that the on-campus wildflower plantings were nominated for the prestigious Broward County Emerald Award. Chung has offered wildflower presentations and workshops at Broward College and pre k-12 schools, as well as at the 2008 Broward County Water Matters Day. As if this were not enough, she has also developed the Native Florida Wildflowers web site to educate the community about the importance of incorporating native nature in our own gardens and life. 
Dr. Chung continues to monitor, promote, and enhance the use of native gardening in the community. A good example is her central involvement in the creation of a Math/Botany Learning Community in which elementary algebra equations were implemented by planting native Florida wildflowers. She is also an active member of the Sustainability Committee at the Central campus.

John Kaufman
Visual & Performing Arts | Central Campus 

As co-chair of the sub-committee on sustainability on Central Campus, Kaufman was a passionate leader and proved himself to be instrumental in raising awareness on environmental issues at the college. His ability to focus attention on promoting environmental literacy to the entire campus community and beyond has been exemplary and evident in the projects he spearheaded such as Focus the Nation and the enhancement of the recycling program at Central. Kaufman has led by engaging his own art students in producing original works using recycled materials and dramatizing environmental concerns through performance art. He has also contributed to the college's recycling program by organizing a full team of department and building recycling stewards.

Jarrod Hersh
Lead Financial Aid Advisor | South Campus 

Jarrod Hersh served as chair of the WHC Sustainability Committee for 2009. During that time he motivated his colleagues and BC students to go green in many ways. Hersh began Broward College's relationship with the terracycle program, helping to collect various, normally discarded items and sending them to be upcycled into new items, reducing output to our landfills. He also coordinated the sustainability team in recycling and teracycle collection at professional development day and continues to be a great asset to the college's sustainability initiatives on South Campus and beyond.

Dr. Monica Ramirez
Dean of Academic Affairs | North Campus 

As a geomorphologist, Dr. Ramirez has focused on environmental issues for her entire career. Since coming to Broward College she has made sustainability a core value in setting goals for the academic program on BC's North Campus. Ramirez has supported the development of educational events to promote sustainability, highlighted the North Campus Sustainability program at the Adjunct Orientation, and helped organize a Solar Lifestyles program for the college and community that promotes the use of solar energy. Ramirez also assisted in the development of the Native Wildflower Grant awarded to the college, and has been integral to projects including the creation of the Dr. Peggy Green Sustainability Institute and BC's Solar Cart program.

Natalie Osterhoudt
Biology Professor | South Campus 

Natalie has helped create a culture of environmental stewardship at Broward College by organizing Earth Day on South Campus for over five years, and having served on the South Campus Environmental Awareness Committee since its inception. Natalie also coordinated the Wildflower Grant activities for South Campus to educate students and staff about sustainable landscaping. Through her work on the Sustainability Committee over the last five years, Natalie has helped promote BC's Sustainability Initiative college wide.

Sue Hawk-Finn
Coordinator of Student Life | Willis Holcombe Center 

When you think about Sustainability at Broward College's Willis Holcombe Center, the name Sue Hawk-Finn is the first to come to mind. Sue has made it her job to educate students and colleagues to protect the planet. She personally collects ink and toner, used phones, terracycle items and various recyclables for Coalition for the Homeless, Women in Distress, The Humane society, and many other organizations. Sue shows her passion for Sustainability to new students during orientation as she presents the center's recycling and teracycle programs each year. We are always inspired and humbled by her efforts on a professional and personal level.

David Shulman
Director of Instructional Technology | Central Campus 

David Schulman provides technological services to support the BC sustainability mission. During his tenure on the Broward College Sustainability Committee he was integral to its online presence. 

David has also spearheaded an approach to greener classrooms via e-learning technologies. This has included providing an online e-learning classroom presence for any faculty member wishing to enhance his/her teaching and learning. This initiative promotes the use of an internet based and paperless approach to classroom management through a one-stop-shop for content dissemination, and cuts down on paper waste.
Curt Liner
Senior Landscape Specialist | Central Campus 

Curt is a champion of sustainable landscaping on Central Campus. By propagating and transplanting native plants such a gumbo limbo, firebush, satin leaf, milkweed and wild coffee, he conserves college resources while adding beauty to the landscape. Liner also teaches new employees about the importance of installing the right plant in the right place and has installed plants that attract butterflies and is always on call to rescue wildlife.
Sean Devaney
Senior Landscape Specialist | Central Campus 

Devaney has modeled sustainable operations on South Campus by encouraging conservation of resources, utilizing native plants in landscaping to earn South Campus a Naturescape certification, and by authoring the procedures for facilities that were adopted by all campuses to support a college-wide sustainability policy. He has since become an advocate of green building and design through his work with Broward County on the South Campus Regional/BC Library which he helped to build in order to meet LEED silver standards.

Camron Kyle
Projects Director - Physical Plant | North Campus 

Camron is an enthusiastic supporter of native landscaping on North Campus and is constantly monitoring areas to be sure they are maintained properly. To create the topography for establishing a tropical hardwood hammock, he drove a bulldozer for three days, shaping the land. He is responsible for the donation of 5 native trees for the hammock to replace ones lost in Hurricane Wilma and proposed the plan for the construction of a dock in the campus' wetland that will serve as an outdoor classroom to enhance the studies by BC students.

David Fowler
Civil Engineer - Facilities Management | Campus Wide 

David Fowler has attended conferences on Sustainability in Higher Education, and has developed expertise in the area of high performance buildings. He has made many recommendations over the last several years to conserve water and energy that have saved the college money while protecting the environment.

Paul Ricker
Business Administration | North Campus 

As an avid bird watcher, Paul has been a huge supporter of the native planting projects on North Campus. In 2004 he volunteered to build an arbor for our new butterfly garden, and recently spent some of his vacation time setting up large native trees uprooted by hurricane Wilma. He is currently planning the construction of another arbor and organizing student volunteers from DECA to remove exotic invasive plants from the campus wetland.

Diana Honeyblue-Monroe
Administrative Assistant - Student Life | Central Campus 

Diana Honeyblue-Monroe is personally responsible for organizing the student run toner and cartridge recycling and shoe repurposing programs at Broward College. Her enthusiasm has been a model for students, who are now taking the lead in the effort. In the photo, Diana (seated) is surrounded by Central's Cartridge Recycling Team. 

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