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The Financial Aid Office now offers electronic forms!​

If selected for verification, students are strongly encouraged to complete the required forms electronically (if available) for easier tracking and faster processing of their Financial Aid.
If you successfully submit an electronic form with an electronic signature, please do not submit a copy of the same form at a Financial Aid Office, via fax or email.


Verification is a process required by the US Department of Education to confirm the information provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). When you are selected for verification, Broward College requires certain documents to compare your FAFSA data with your financial and family information. If differences arise your financial aid awards will be delayed until all discrepancies are resolved.          

Please view FATV for more information on verification.

Please Note: You should refer to your myBC (Financial Aid Status) to determine if you were selected for verification and which document(s) you are required to submit.


NOTE: The IRS Tax Transcript is now available for use. However, if you are selected for Verification, and you are unable to obtain a Tax Transcript, have proof that you cannot obtain a tax transcript, Broward College will accept the IRS Paper 1040 Tax Return copy. Please note that to accept the copy the form must be signed. If unsigned, the filer (or at least one of the filers of a joint return) must sign it or the tax preparer must give a name and SSN, EIN, or PTIN.

How to Order a Tax Return Transcript
Information for Non-Tax Filers

Dependent Verification Form
Independent Verification Form
Dependent Child Support Paid Form
​Independent Child Support Paid Form
​Marital Status Worksheet*
Statement of Educational Purpose & Certification of Identity*
* Due to the College's transition to a remote work environment, the Marital Status Worksheet & Statement of Educational Purpose & Certification of Identity can now be submitted electronically to the Financial Aid Inbox: The Statement of Educational Purpose & Certification of Identity must be notarized per Federal regulations. 

Federal Financial Aid regulations allow for unforeseen changes in students and parents income and/or assets after the FAFSA is filed.  Some of those special circumstances include:  job loss, income reduction, asset value reduction, illness, etc. Students may complete one or more of these forms based on their circumstance and may request to have their financial aid file reviewed. You should speak to a Financial Aid Advisor before submitting any of these forms.  

2019-2020 Request for Dependency Override

2019-2020 Request for Income Adjustment

2019-2020 Request for Cost of Attendance Increase

Note: Completion of these forms does not always equal an outcome that changes your aid award amount or your eligibility to receive aid.

Broward College participates in the Federal Direct Loan Program as well as the PLUS loan program for Parents. More information about student loans and the steps required to complete the loan process can be found on our loans webpage

Effective July 1, 2012, Broward College policy allows only students in the categories listed below to request unsubsidized loans. 

  • Students admitted to a Health Sciences program that requires clinicals.  This excludes students in certificate and diploma programs.
  • A.S. - Professional Pilot Technology.  Students must have primary program objective of 2107.
  • Out of state students paying non-resident tuition.
  • Students with no eligibility for Federal or State aid.  (Examples include Pell Grant, FSEOG, FSAG, Bright Futures.)
  • Students admitted to a Bachelor program.
Students who are in the following categories should complete the request for an unsubsidized loan.
Students who are not in one of the following categories are not eligible for unsubsidized loans

If you need to increase or reduce aid that you have already accepted, please complete the 2019-2020 Financial Aid Adjustment Request

The Department of Education looks at enrollment patterns over the previous four award years for students applying for financial aid. If your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) was selected for Unusual Enrollment History (UEH), it is because you have received Federal Pell grant and/or Federal Direct Loan funds from multiple instutions during the four year review period. Students with a UEH red flag will need to submit one of the forms below to the financial aid office for review and to determine if further documentation is needed before you can receive federal financial aid. * Due to the College's transition to a remote work environment, the UEH form can now be submitted electronically to the Financial Aid Inbox: 

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