Course List:
Course ID Class Title
RTE1000 Introduction To Radiologic Technology
RTE1111 Patient Care I
RTE1111L Patient Care I Lab
RTE1418 Imaging I
RTE1418L Imaging I Lab
RTE1503 Radiographic Procedures I
RTE1503L Radiographic Procedures I Lab
RTE1513 Radiographic Procedures Ii
RTE1513L Radiographic Procedures Ii Lab
RTE1523 Radiographic Procedures Iii
RTE1523L Radiographic Procedures Iii Lab
RTE1763 Computed Tomography & Cross-Sectional Anatomy
RTE1804 Clinical Education I
RTE1814 Clinical Education Ii
RTE1824 Clinical Education Iii
RTE2061 Radiography Seminar
RTE2112 Patient Care Ii
RTE2112L Patient Care Ii Lab
RTE2112L Patient Care Ii_Lab
RTE2385 Radiation Biology And Protection
RTE2457 Imaging Ii
RTE2457L Imaging Ii Lab
RTE2563 Advanced Image Modalities Procedures &
RTE2763 Computed Tomography & Cross-Sectional Anatomy
RTE2834 Clinical Education Iv
RTE2844 Clinical Education V
RTE2854 Clinical Education Vi
RTE2905 Independent Study In Radiography


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